Skil 3410-02 Review – Compact & Folding Steel Stand

Sometimes, the life of a DIY is hard, not because the task of doing your own work is hard, but because finding the right tools is a task. You’d naturally want something that performs well and functions like a pro, but you also don’t want to spend so much on something you won’t use every day.

Thankfully, we’re here to show you the tools with the right balance between function, price, and design! You don’t have to got through website after website of reviews before you can fully decide. All the pros and cons are here for your disposable! Who knows, this product might actually be the one you’ve been looking for.

Skil 3410-02 Review 2023

It’s no secret that SKIL is already an established brand that’s famous for their portable power tools. They have a history of making reliable tools and while there are some issues with their newer products, they are still one of those brands that set the standards. Many of their products caters to the humble DIY and home workers, and this table saw is no different!

The most notable features of the SKIL 3410-02 is the fact that it’s so compact and versatile. It also comes with a carbide-tooth blade that runs at 5000 RPM and a 15-amp motor. Compared to similar products within the same price range, this one is actually pretty strong and cuts a lot better. This allows for smooth and easy cutting that’ll work on any kind of wood.


  • Table: 20 x 26-inch cast aluminum
  • Saw: 10 inches
  • Weight: 67 pounds
  • Amperage: 15

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The Features

The Design

The table saw has a 20 x 26-inch aluminum table that extends up to 20 x 32-inch. At first glance, it seems a bit small but once you have it fully extended, it’s actually long enough to handle bigger projects around your house. It also gives you a sort of support for your wood after you cut it. After the wood has been fully cut and reach the blade reaches the end, it won’t just fall off but rest nicely on the extension.

What really catches people’s attention with this table saw is the fact that it has a foldable steel stand. You might think that it’s nothing important, but it makes this product compact and more convenient to move around. There’s very little assembling needed for it, too! Everything else is already put together, so you only need to place it on the stand. It’s well-built and sturdy, but it’s also light and easy to carry. This feature is perfect for people who need to move around in their workspace a lot.

EZ View Measurement System

It has a lot of small features that really enhance your work. On the rip fence, you’ll notice that it has sort of like a little magnifier that helps you view the measurements. It’s a great because you’ll be able to clearly see the measurements engraved on the fence, so you won’t need to bring extra measuring tools. This helps get accurate and consistent cuts, too.
Skil 3410-02 Table saw

This product may be cheap but of course, it doesn’t skimp on the safety features. It actually has all the standard safety features required by law, so it’s generally safe to use.

It comes with all the necessary parts to prevent your materials from pinching the blade. There’s a blade guard, anti-kickback pawls, riving knife, and a push stick. A handy design feature they have is that all these are conveniently located at the side of your saw. It’s attached through a simple bracket with a quick release, so it’s stored quite efficiently that you won’t lose your parts.

Things we liked

The light weight and portability are two of its best features. This item is great for outdoor use, and you can just tell how it’s made for DIYers because it’s so easy to transport to different locations. Its foldable stand makes it quite convenient, and it’s built with heavy-duty metal. Compact and durable, what a great combination!

Being inexpensive is also one of its major selling points. True to its brand, it really caters to the needs of someone doing home projects because it’s completely budget-friendly! Sure, you can get those really expensive table saws that are obviously a guaranteed powerhouse but if you’re just using it a handful of times, it ends up looking like a waste.

Along with that, its power is also a great advantage! You might think you’ll end up with something cheap, but it actually works really well. The 15-amp motor and 5000 RPM means it’s pretty strong and has no problem cutting through boards. It can cut and work with almost any kind of material you’ll be needing at home.

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Things we didn’t like

On the down side, it doesn’t have a dust-collecting port. These are supposed to collect the dust as you cut your materials, so the absence of it can be quite annoying. If you’re working outside, it’s probably not as bad.

Another thing that’s not so great is the miter gauge. It wobbles a bit and takes a lot of effort just to keep steady. Getting the right angle is a chore, and it would likely resist you, too. You could try to replace it, but the standard size is 3/4 inch while this saw has a 5/8-inch slot. Looking for a better one would prove to be quite difficult.

The bevel adjustment is also pretty inconvenient in that it has the same handle as the blade height. When you’re adjusting the blade height, you might notice that the bevel adjustment would go loose, too.

General User Impression

The SKIL 3410-02 has its issues, we’re not going to lie about that, and it’s no surprise considering how low the price is. That doesn’t mean that it’s not a great table saw in itself. It’s generally well-received by users. Actually, the small imperfections it has with the dust and miter gauge is outweighed by its mobility and how well it performs. We have no doubt that if you tried it out for yourself, you’ll hardly notice these problems.

Skil 3410 Table Saw


It’s not the best if you’re looking to use something for professional work. However, it’s the go-to product for people who want to do simple tasks for a home project. It’s a great product that gives you a good bang for your buck, so you won’t regret buying this product at all.

The overall built along with the stand is sturdy and hardy, so expect that this table saw would last you a long time. We can assure you that this table saw will perform like one of the best! If its current functions aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, then you can always check out our other product reviews! You’re guaranteed to find something that suits you.