Remington RM 1025SPS review

The use of manual tools can be quite bothersome sometimes if not downright annoying with its deafening noise, undue strain and the backaches you cannot shake off right after doing some cutting. Well, they do say that tools are for the big boys but so are the 2x efficient electric chainsaws and Pole Saws.

Manual tools are just too time-consuming meaning; if you do have a client, this client may have to wait so long for the job. But with the electric machines now very much popular, projects will be finished in lesser time keeping both you and the b happy and satisfied and yes! More minor backaches. Electric models of chainsaw may be a bit expensive, but they can get the job done in just a few hours with regards to the thickness and size of the woods.

Remington RM1025SPS Ranger Review

Many electric models do exist, but some are cordless and may require some much in charging time as well as the fact that these batteries only wear off with time reducing their optimum efficiency, even though they do not give as much power as their gas-powered counterparts. However, their electric corded counterparts are seen to deliver more in power and are suitable for many jobs the cordless version may not handle.

The Remington RM 1025SPS Ranger is 2 in 1 detachable Pole Saw which features an adjustable 10-inch aluminum pole perfect for pruning trees without using the ladder. This electric corded model is also designed with an 8 amp motor which guarantees more power giving you added efficiency so you can you can quickly cut off tree limbs in a short time. Pruning is also made so much worthwhile with the 10-inch bar and chain giving a low kickback and therefore assuring that all lopping and pruning can be done with equal ease.

2 in 1 chainsaw/pole saw combo

You can quickly switch from the chainsaw for the downed tree limbs to trimming as far as 10 feet upward with its easily detachable pole saw/chainsaw design.

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Adjustable upper and lower poles with flip and lock clamps

The electric chainsaw also features a flip and lock clamp making it easy to disconnect the pole as fast and quickly switch to cutting the downed tree limbs. The clamp also ensures that you have a steady grip on the limb when cutting. Anyone can use this tool quite easy since it is easily detached without the need of handyman’s tools. This feature makes it all the more convenient to use.

Extra Power with improved power and reach

The 8 amp motor is built to start at an instant giving you added power almost immediately and can be said to provide twice the power of their cordless counterparts which is nearly as much as the gas-powered electric chainsaws. When you are finished with lower branches, you can quickly switch to higher ones or even lower ones, without losing any motor power or your ability to reach all areas. You can quickly slice down branches to smaller sizes at any time without any added problems with its sleek and easy to use design.

8 amp motor

With its sufficient power filled 8 amp motor, you can have as much power as the gas-powered chainsaws, giving as much energy to cut through a lot of branches in a short period.The eight amp motor is equally lightweight but yet has enough power to cut through branches
Remington Ranger

Low Kickback 10-inch bar and chain

You can cut through overhead branches without losing your stability, all thanks to the 10-inch bar and chain design.


  • Eight amp electric power
  • Easy to detach in split time
  • Flip and lock clamp to keep the pole secured
  • Pole can reach as far as fifteen feet high with regards to the user’s height
  • Slim and less weight when compared to gas-powered counterparts
  • Easy to use
  • Low kick-backs.


  • Needs to be connected to an electrical source
  • Limited movement because of the cord
  • A bit heavy at 15 pounds
  • May spill oil when kept in storage ( should be expected)
  • It does not self-lubricator.
  • The drive gear is made of plastic materials so not as durable

As it is electrically powered, it also means that there are no harmful fumes while it retains its assurance of high power like the fuss powered counterparts. Nevertheless, the Remington RM 1025SPS Ranger 10-inch-8-amp electric chainsaw /pole saw combo has a downside to it.

It is very much likely to spill oil in storage. This can be quite messy and means that you have to spend more time in maintenance. Therefore we recommend that you drain it of its oil after use.

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Remington RM 1025SPS

Final Thought

It is a bit heavy nevertheless can be used for vertical wood cutting but not for a very long time since it can be quite straining to the arms.

You cannot also carry it from place to place manually because of its weight. Also, the Remington mode is not quite as durable its body parts are made of plastic making it susceptible to cracking or debris finding its way into the machine.

If you do have some problems with your upper body and may not be able to give an excellent upper body strength, then this device is not for you because it can be quite challenging to keep it in line while trimming because it is quite heavy.

We recommend the Remington RM1025 SPS Ranger 10-inch 8-amp electric chainsaw/pole saw combo for shorter work period, but we do not advise you use it for very thick wood or longer time because it can break.

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