How to Use a Scroll Saw: Easy Steps to Follow

A scroll saw is a very handy tool in a workshop. The saw can cut different patterns and shapes on wood and other materials such as hard plastic and metal. Although this tool may seem complicated to use, the truth is that it is simple. That’s why we have created this short guide which will take you through the easy steps for using scroll saw.

Step 1: Wear protective gear

Protective gear usually includes a hat, a dust mask, safety glasses and safety boots. This is important for your own safety. Before you start using the machine, make sure that you put on these protective gears. A hat will cover your long hair and make sure that you sleeves are not close to the saw

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Step 2: Prepare the wood

The next step is using the scroll saw to make patterns on the wood. To get the best results, you will first need to cut the wood into the relevant sizes required to make certain patterns. Use PVA glue to glue pieces of wood together. You will also have to use sandpaper to smoothen the rough edges and then use a pencil to transfer the patter you want to make. Always make sure that the marked lines are visible.

Step 3: Prepare the saw

You can do this clamping the scroll saw on the working plane. Install the appropriate blade to get the desired delicacy of the pattern and size that is to be cut. Make sure that the blade fits firmly in the scroll saw.

If you will be cutting thinner material, you will want to use blades with smaller teeth. If the scroll saw is not working properly, you may be frustrated. So, you will want to test the blade on a separate piece of wood instead of going straight to the wood you will be working with.
How to Use a Scroll Saw

Step 4: Start cutting

Set the speed of the scroll saw depending on the type of material you are cutting, including those you have used PVA glue on. Hardwoods and thick materials require high speed whereas thinner materials require slower speed. With the machine on, direct the blade on the first line. Direct the pieces of wood around the blade slowly without rushing to get it done.

Step 5: Take care of your fingers

When cutting the wood, always use both hands to control the machine through the marked lines. Don’t put your fingers close to the blades when using the scroll saw. Most importantly, you shouldn’t be in a hurry to direct the wood around the saw’s blade.Warning! Rushing the cutting process could easily harm your fingers. It could also lead to crooked patterns

Step 6: Turn off the Scroll saw off to make adjustments

While making adjustments to the tension of the blade, you will need to turn off the machine and unplug it from the power source. You also need to adjust the tension of the blade before you start using it.

Step 7: Proper blade use

You need to select the right blade for the project. If you use the wrong blade, you may not like the outcome. Make sure that the blade is installed according to the recommendations of the manufacturer.
How to Use a Scroll Saw

Step 8: Clean your work area

You should always keep your working area clean and uncluttered. This way, no hazards will be present

Step 9: Ensure that the material doesn’t have any defects

Before you start cutting wood pieces, make sure that they don’t have staples, nails and other foreign materials. Most importantly, the blade should not be in contact with the wood when staring the scroll saw.


You need to keep in mind this safety features to ensure that you are not hurt, prevent damage to the machine and ensure that you get the intended pattern correct.