How to use a reciprocating saw

A reciprocating saw is an engine-powered saw. It works through reciprocating action like push-and-pull of the cutting edge.

Reciprocating saws are a popular tool and have many uses. Many plumbers, window fitters, construction workers use this tool for construction and demolition works. It is used for emergency rescue services also. It is also known as recip/Sawzall, which has an extensive blade to cut comfortably on the vertical surfaces. It can cut wood, metals, plastics, or even any other materials of daily use.

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As this tool is powerful and high-speed, it is risky to work with a reciprocating tool. An experienced worker can only work with it efficiently and safely. Here in this, it will be discussed how can you use a reciprocating saw like a pro within the shortest of time. Saw’s design, ways to increase performance, and some safety tips are also added as a guide for using a reciprocating saw properly and safely. So, let’s dive in.

Design of a Reciprocating Saw

There are several types of reciprocating saw ranges widely with various power and features. Some are portable but less powered. Whereas others have cordless drill handheld models or something like high-power corded drill for heavy construction work. A feature like orbital action allows oscillation in forward and backwards. It allows cutting wood in the shortest time.

The proper way to use a reciprocating saw

  1. At first, choose the right blade for your cutting work. Without the right blade, this tool is useless. Though, multi-purpose blades for circular saw are available in the market. For efficient work, choose a material-specific blade. Available options are Diablo carbide-tipped recip blade, the Milwaukee Ax, Torch blades and so on
  2. Choosing the specific blade, it’s time to start cutting. To do so insert the blade into the chuck. Today’s reciprocating saws feature special safety measures. A tool-free chuck of quarter or half-turns to release the blade. Then securing the blade position, reinstall the chuck. If the blade is too hot, try to wear gloves.
  1. While cutting, know your cut. To make clean finishing cut and to reduce any accident. As you are working with high-speedy tools, accidents may happen at any time. Your whole concentration should be on the cutting part and the blade. Make sure the cutting edge won’t hit anything when its rapidly moving back and forth. Especially any electrical wires or pipes.

How to use a reciprocating saw

  1. Synchronize your cutting speed with the variable speed of your saw. Don’t try to overrun your actual working speed while you are in a rush. Whereas, maintain your right speed for quick and intuitive work. Reduce cutting speed while you reach the edge of the cut.
  1. The shoe is the nose of a reciprocating saw. It’s a flat surface which has several primary purposes like crafting the use of the saw. Stabilize the saw and adjust the blade length. While cutting, push the shoe against the working surface. It helps to reduce vibration of the saw and the material. By raising the back end of the saw, use the shoe as a rotate point. Thus, you can easily cut the material.
  1. While cutting thicker material, if you see slow progress here might be two causes. One, replace your saw. Or, you are unable to let the saw to cut at the girth of the material. To solve this, gently see the blade of the saw. Thus, saw will cut faster as blade’s teeth will enter into thicker part.

Increase the efficiency of reciprocating saw

There are some certain techniques to increase the saw’s accuracy and performance.

– Make sure to apply appropriate pressure on the saw. But you must have cutting experience, to gain the accuracy of controlling pressure.

– Maintain body balance between pressing on the tool and gripping tightly on the boot.

– To cut safely in faster speed, try to shake the saw up and down.

– While you’re cutting, keep the saw’s shoe tight on the surface of the material. It will reduce the vibration and increase cutting speed.
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Safety Measures

Though using a reciprocating saw is safe, you must maintain some safety measure using it.

– Hearing protection to reduce noise and the risk of any hearing damage, while cutting metals

– Always wear safety glasses to protect eyes from any splinter of woods or materials, don’t forget to wear safety boots to protect your legs.

– Unplug the saw while changing blades or any other parts

The power of a reciprocating saw allows cutting from metal to fibreglass, or even wood to plastic. To get the 100% efficiency from this multitasking machine, install the right size blade. And obviously, follow the above ways to use the saw. Hope, this content will help you to use the reciprocating saw properly and safely.