How to Glue Felt to Wood (5 easy steps)

How to glue on wood? Is it just to emit the glue over the wood without caring any other thing and then append the felt?

Obviously not! There are other steps that you have to follow if you want to learn how to glue felt to wood. There are four expert and efficient actions that will make your work as a professional.

But before that, let me familiarize you the types of materials that you may need to glue felt to wood.

How to Glue Felt to Wood

Materials you Will Need

At first, it is better to know the materials and tools and other necessary things that are must to glue felt to wood. They are:

  • Felt
  • Glue
  • Measuring instrument and cutter
  • Roller
  • Foam brushes
  • Old newspaper and tapes


felt billiard clothThe quality of the felt should be high as the low quality felt favors to stretch when using glue. So, it is important to choose the high quality felt. High quality felt won’t fed away into the direct sun also. It is better to use the highest quality like billiard cloth. It won’t lose its specifications so quickly.


Wood GlueConsidering the size and designation glue types depend. But here are some specific glue types which are being used by professionals. Here you go:

  • Weld wood contact cement is best for the small areas and to glue felt to wood fast.
  • Spray adhesive is used for the large space where you need to consider the strain that is normal to occur.
  • White glue is normally for the small scheme and best to avoid over spraying.

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Measuring Instrument and Cutter

You will need pencil or maker tapes to select how much felt has to cut. Scissor or roller cutter is perfect as a cutter.


To contact the glue to the felt and wood properly, a roller is needed sometimes. For the large areas it is preferable but for small areas, you can save money by using a simple hard card.

Foam Brushes

To spread the glue to every space of the wood. But foam brushes is applicable for weld wood contact cement or white glue.

Old Newspaper and Tapes

When using spray adhesive, you should block the adjoining places where to apply glue. Otherwise, the glue will spread over the place where not needed.

Now have a look on the four acknowledged steps below –

Make the Felt Size Accurate

To make your felt size as per as the size of the wood, some measuring and trimming is required. Therefore, you can apply different ways to make the felt size perfect. Here are some:

How to Glue Felt to Wood

  • The easiest way is to get a quick trim on the felt and then place it on the wood and then after glue cut the excess part.
  • Another way is to place the wood first over the felt and use a pencil to get the dimension of the wood. Then trim the felt according to that size.
  • Make a template by cardboard for the compound shape of the wood. Draw over the template according to the dimension of the wood. Then cut felt by placing it on the felt. Always try to leave additional dimension with the cut to avoid risk.

Lightly brush on both felt and wood and carefully place the felt.

Glue to the brush by soaking into the tin of the glue. For the weld wood cement, you have to dip the brush. You have to then apply glue only on the felt first and then apply glue on the wood but only a thin layer, not much as you wish.

For spraying glues, spray over the felt and wood cautiously so that overspray can’t happen. Always spray on the opposite sides of the felt and wood at every single inch flawlessly. Now fix the felt on the wood very thoroughly. Then firmly press felt by hand or it is better to use a roller to overwhelm the strain and stretch on the felt.

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Add Balanced Pressure

Now it is time to dry the glue and become creation strong adhesion to the felt and wood. Use a roller or your hand for pressing initially to disperse the glue. After this, leave the project for like 5 minutes but not more than that.

Then apply some heavy weight on the felt. You can choose different weight. There are no bindings in choosing weights. But before applying pressure, place a simple paper or better to use trace paper over the felt and then assign the weights over the felt. For an extensive amount of glue on the wide piece of wood, better to let the weights stay for a long time. One thing to remember, place the weights parallel over the wood to maintain the equal pressure on each point of the board.

Cut Extra Felt

This will be a step that is important if your selective cloths are longer on each of the sides. On the other hand, depending on your demand, sometimes you may need to cut the edges or trim the excess part that is not required.

It is the last part of these following steps. It may seem unnecessary to trim the cloths for the first time, a quite longer than the specific dimension. But we are strongly recommending having extra element every time on the felt to avoid getting stretched or strained when applying glue and pressing.

Final Words

Oh! You have already followed these steps! See, I said to you that you can also be professional. I am sure you have done a splendid work on the wood, try even better with glue gun.

If you are not done yet, don’t think too much. Place your foot out of the door otherwise; you won’t know ever how to glue felt to wood only by reading provisions. So, be promising to yourself that you will be able to do this for sure. Just don’t let the glue scattered away while spraying the glue on the wood and press on every section of the wood constantly. That’s all about it!