How to fix a pocket door

For a pocket door, you don’t need to deal with the swinging the door. And instead of hinges, pocket door relies on rollers to open or close the door. Mainly the problems that occur are related to the alignment or not closing properly. So, in this article, we have focused on those problems that happen to every house. But before that, you must know why and how the problem actually happen? And to solve the problem you have to know how to remove a pocket door. And then you will get to know to solve the problem accordingly. Give a look below now-
how to fix a pocket door

Troubleshoot the problem

Is it normal to face problem for a pocket door? Yes. It is totally okay to get troubles but it is probably not okay to diagnose the problem by yourself at least before solving the problem. Most common problem is the disturbance in the contact roller. Rollers control the movement of the door and they are inserted in the tracking system of the door. If the door doesn’t move, it will mean that the problem is with the rollers. Or maybe the track have been congested or broken inside. So, a gap or misalignment will be created in the door’s fittings. What should you do now?

Want to replace the door?

There is no need to change the door. You have to replace the setup of the tracking system. It’s the best way to give a new and longer life to your old pocket door at a reasonable investment. But whatever the problem is with only the roller or with the whole sliding setup, you have to remove the door first. Without removing you can’t repair the tracking system. Be careful while removing the door, wear or buy steel toe shoes.

Remove your pocket door

To remove the door you can follow the below three steps carefully.

  • You will need a utility knife to remove or trim the paint sail from each door jambs.
  • To remove the trim you have to first score with the knife around the door jamb.
  • Now carefully pull off the nailer and the trimmed part using a pry bar. Be careful when you will remove the trimmed part.

For the new types of door, there is a hanger and the hangers are attached to the roller and the door to hold the door and to slide back and forth with a holding clip. For that system:

You can now easily remove the pocket door from the tracking. You have to stretch the door towards you and keep it in a safe place to reuse on the new tracks.

Open a certain section on the wall

To remove the old tracking system and the remaining roller you have to cut a section on the wall. It won’t be much longer though. For that, it is better to follow the below steps thoroughly.You will need a stud finder to locate the framework of the pocket door. Because otherwise, you will unnecessarily cut the extra portion of the wall. Then mark that specific portion with a pencil.

Now with a drywall saw you can open the wall. Make sure that the opening is large enough to use the screwdriver and drill with reliable bits set. When you will use the saw, be careful to use this. Most often people damage the wall when to remove it. But you should be careful as you have to reuse the wallboard piece without breaking any part for the reinstall. Now remove the whole tracker system and the other nailer with a driver.

Fix the problem

Now, take the proper measurement of the required track system’s depth and length. If you don’t get the right one according to the requirement, it may happen that the door is not being able swift easily.You have to now insert the track into the proper place and then some screwing will set the new track system perfectly.
Pocket Door

Reinstall the door and other hardwires

Now, it is time to install the door on its new track. But you have to assemble the other hardware on the door before reinstallation. With the help of a wrench, you can set those easily.Screw the rollers on the definite place on the door. Now use shims and pry bar to assist the door to hang itself. This will let you review for absolute height. And then you can adjust hardware on the track securely.Now reattach the trim on their respective places carefully. Otherwise, it may break or damage. Use a nailer gun to attach smoothly in a short time.Oh! Maybe you have forgotten about your wall. Don’t worry! We are in progress there to repair your wall.

Take the minimum two pieces of wood. No need to choose the thick piece of wood. Thin pieces will work well. These pieces of wood will give support back to the wallboard when to seam. Screw them inside the wall. Then select a compound which dries quickly and makes the seam. Apply that on the wallboard piece. As we have suggested before, not to be careless during opening the wall.


How are you feeling now by solving your problem by your own hand? Isn’t it great? You can now save your money. As you don’t need to pay for the worker at all. And you also know to reuse the same product again on fixing the door. You just need to focus on how to remove a pocket door. Other functions are just to assemble the joining. And one thing to do is just stay careful when removing the door and scoring the trim.

So, be creative in solving your own problem.