Every time, while you are using your chainsaw, its chain gets dirty with a mixture of dirt and sawdust, or even covered with thick layer of oil from the woodpile or log. Also, using a new chainsaw is safe to work, but due to its complex technology and robust construction, still it is considered as the riskiest tool to work with. So, it is a matter of life and death to know exactly that how to clean chainsaw. Here, in this content, I will be discussing how can you extend and maintain the working condition of your chainsaw by cleaning properly.

There’s nothing worse as the chainsaw stop working at its working

By proper cleaning and maintenance, you can make sure to increase chainsaw life and prevent any bad occurrence. A clean chainsaw assures you years of efficient, top working condition, and hassle-free service just like a new working tool. So, stick to the content and take your time to read it thoroughly to learn how to clean an old chainsaw perfectly.

Step by step guide to Clean Every Part of Chainsaw

The most effective method to Clean Your Chainsaw, Before starting the cleaning process, take a plastic container. Then, add some Ammonia (NH3) to 1 gallon of water. Now, clean the chain of your chainsaw, turning off the saw. Later, adjust the slack by loosening it completely. Finally, slide the chain off the guide bar to remove the chain.

Removing the chain, soak it into the prepared mixture for about 10 to 15 minutes. Soaking the chain, scrub and clean each section with a bristle brush. Later, rinse the chain thoroughly with a water pipe. Cleaning the chain, allow it to dry.

Make sure before reinstalling there is no moisture left to prevent it from rust formation. Now it is time to oil the chain for proper smooth performance. Without any friction between guide bar and the chain chainsaw show its best performance. And spinning frictionless reduce the chances of the machine from overheating. Thoroughly lubricating with lubricant, empty the chainsaw oil tank.

Fuel/Gasoline Tank

Remove the fuel filter by pulling it out from the gas tank. Immediately, dip it into a strong solvent to dissolve any dust or solid build-ups. Empty the gasoline tank by draining all the fuel, if it is not used for two or more months. After draining the fuel, clean the tank with a strong solvent like acetone, toluene. Later, rinse it with kerosene.

Air Filter

To prevent dirt, dust or any kind of deposition into the inner parts of the engine, a well-functioning air filter needs to be placed. Any kind of dirt particles clogging in the engine may not let enough air into the engine. Also, clogging of dust reduces machine power and develops trouble if the engine starts. To reduce these drawbacks air filter cleaning must be done frequently. To remove the air filter, rotate the hold on air filter cover 90 degrees using fingers. Now clean it with warm soapy water. But make sure to rinse it and allow it to dry before reinstalling. Or, you can wash it by compressed air.

Spark Plug

To remove the spark plug, place your chainsaw upright on a level surface and use a plug spark to pull it out. If there is the amount of dry and black deposits, try to remove them completely before placing the spark plug into its socket. But if there is uncleanable dirt deposition, it’s better to buy a new one.

Start Arrester

The start arrester filter is placed behind the muffler. It filters exhaust before it goes into the muffler. If it doesn’t work well, it causes the engine to overheat. To expose it, use a screwdriver to loosen the bolts. Then clean it with a brake cleaner several times. If it is too damaged, it’s better to replace it.

Final Tips

Always clean the chainsaw in a perfect and safe condition to avoid further any contamination of dirt. Also, make sure that nothing is misplaced during the cleaning process. Addition to it ensure every part is totally dry before reinstalling. And never start cleaning if the engine is too hot.


John J. has been a Saw, woodworking enthusiast for 8 years, and in that time has written huge resources on woodworking and saws.

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