Table saws are without doubt extremely useful, when it comes to DIY and hobbyists. A table saw can offer you great ease of use and flexibility, so as to perform multiple tasks in a jiffy. So it goes without even saying that such a purchase is inevitable and in fact it opens a whole new world of possibilities to the user.

However, not all table saws are equally helpful or come with similar specifications. So what you need to do is read through the particular characteristics of each model. Then you will know if this is the right tool for you or not.

Dewalt DW745 Review 2019

Below, we have created a thorough review of Dewalt DW745 table saw. Check it out and see for yourself if this product meets your needs and lives up to the tasks you wish to perform.


  • Weight – 48 lbs
  • Dimensions – 25.8 x 26.5 x 13.9 in.
  • Power Source – Corded Electric
  • Voltage – 120V
  • Wattage – 1400W
  • Product Size – 5/8”
  • 15 amps motor
  • 10-inch & 24-tooth blade
  • Rip capacity: 20 in.
  • 3-year limited warranty

Dewalt DW745 Intro

Even though this product is not perfect for professional use, this does not mean that it lacks special features or durability. On the contrary, once you get the hang of it, you will see that it works wonders on DIY projects. And the fact that it is portable certainly adds to the overall user experience. Sometimes portability is of the essence, especially if you want to work outdoors or have to go to a neighbor or a friend to lay a helping hand.

Dewalt DW745What is more, the table saw in review is quite small in size. This means that you do not need to worry about whether or not it fits a small space. It can fit into a garage or the basement nicely. And if you want to take it with you, carrying around is not that difficult. Its firm grip and portable shape allows you to do that without haste.

If you are looking for a table saw to start working on wood related projects, it is great for beginners. After all, it comes from a well-reputed manufacturer and that must account for something. Maybe not ideal for the pros, but newbies and moderate users need nothing more than that! Even small contractors may find it handy, since it is portable and can meet their needs at a relatively low cost.

Special Features

Dewalt DW745 is definitely not a fancy product to consider. If you are looking for edgy design and sophisticated details, this is not the one for you. But simplicity is the trend nowadays. The table saw is easy to use and portable. These are its main advantages. It does not leave you speechless with its design, but it definitely allows you to work well. Top plate is plastic, so keep that in mind. It might not work for you.

In addition, it comes with an interesting adjusting system that does not require any tools. This feature enhances its flexibility and ease of use. You can have it ready for work without the need for extra tools. And with the telescopic fence rails, you will be able to adjust it to your own needs. Furthermore, there is a dust collecting port that is supposed to help you out. But the truth is that it does not perform perfectly.

You get 15 amps motor with Dewalt DW745, which is pretty decent. Maximum rip capacity reaches 20 inches, more than enough to perform small to medium sized tasks and projects. 1400 watts and 120V in voltage cover such needs, too.

As far as safety is concerned, nothing to worry about! All the safety precautions have been met, so that you work without any fear of being injured or worse. The guarding system in particular rocks. However, this does not let you off the hook. You must always, and we mean always, wear suitable safety equipment. So even with features such as blade guard and miter gauge, you know better!


  • Best value for money
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Easily adjustable to every environment
  • Powerful
  • Reliable manufacturer


  • Dust collecting port does not work perfectly
  • Plastic top plate
  • Not for large panels & hard work
  • Not dado blades

Things we liked about it:

One of the top things we liked about Dewalt DW745 table saw is the fact that it is highly portable. You can carry it around with you without any problems whatsoever. It comes with a firm grip and it does not weigh much. So this means that not only does it fit everywhere, but it is also great for packing and working in other places or even outdoors.

This product definitely ranks great as an affordable piece of equipment for beginners and moderate users. If you are on a tight budget, maybe this is the optimal deal you can get. Quality meets affordability, for sure. If you are a professional, you may look elsewhere. But otherwise, this is a wonderful purchase that does not fail you in everyday DIY projects.

It is quite powerful, with impressive specifications that cover the needs of not only amateurs and DIY enthusiasts. In fact, even small contractors might find what they have been looking for in terms of portability and power combined. Then, Dewalt is a trustworthy brand.

Last but not least, the excellent adjustability of this table saw is what has made us like it even more. It is great for all rooms and spaces, without any problem of flexibility. Instead of preventing you from working freely, the product gets adjusted in a way that works every single time! This can help you out complete your tasks easier and quicker.

Things we didn’t like:

We have already commented on the lack of a proper dust collecting port. If it were better, its function would make things easier. But the port is not fully enclosed. This means that you cannot expect to get 100% functionality in this aspect.

Another thing that we feel could be better is the material of the top plate. Being plastic does mean that the whole product is lightweight. But other than that, the table saw does not boast the durability we would have liked.

This table saw does not feature dado capability, which might be off-putting to some. With dado blades, we feel that the product would be absolutely great. And then, working on larger panels and doing really hard work may be too hard.

All in all, these are the glitches that have made us think twice about purchasing the product. They are not deal breakers, but we let you know either way. Given these minor issues, some people might be put off from buying Dewalt DW745. It is all about what you are after and how much money you can spend on a specific product.

Overall Impression:

Once you start working with the Dewalt DW745 table saw, you are instantly impressed by its ease of use. Even if you are not handy and you do not feel like you have got the hang of it, you will soon begin working efficiently and safely with this piece of equipment. Safety measures are absolutely amazing in this table saw.

Plus, the fact that you do not get adjusted based on the tool but the tool gets adjusted based on you and your needs is great! You are free to work under your own terms and this table saw will keep up. This is exactly what newbies are expecting, along with the power offered by this tool.

More than that, of course the price is a highlight of this table saw. It is not that common to get a quality product at that pricing. What is more, you will get the chance to carry it around without any problems and fit it everywhere. More often than not, people express complaints about the lack of space they get in their garage or basement. Too many tools, too little space! This product will not let you down. Instead, it will allow you to keep the room tidy and perhaps invest on other equipment, too.

So users without extreme demands from a table saw will find this product extremely helpful. Although this is not perfect for professional use, small contractors and a hobbyist or a person just starting out will be 100% satisfied by the product’s performance, functionality and design.

Bottom Line:

From everything that has been mentioned earlier, you can see that Dewalt DW745 table saw is amazing. It is a great option, if you need to start working efficiently with wood and DIY projects and do not care about extreme performance. If you are in pursuit of an affordable product that allows you unique flexibility, then this is the one for you!

The table saw encompasses the best value for money, meaning that you are going to buy something that is not off your budget. As you are starting out on DIY, you should experiment with the tools and equipment you are going to use. So this is a nice start, without having to invest a lot of money for your hobby requirements.

It is easily adjustable, lightweight and portable. Although the design could be better and there might be some issues with the dust collecting port, overall it is a decent product at a very reasonable price rate.

Of course, professional users with large projects ahead might want to look elsewhere. This is not the best option, if you are going to use it on an everyday basis and on various different projects of significant difficulty. But for all other purposes, it is a wonderful bargain. And Dewalt is known not to let customers down.

So once again, we hope that we have helped you out with this thorough review of Dewalt DW745 table saw. Feel free to check out some similar products and reviews, before making your decision. As a final note, we can guarantee that newbies and moderate users will not be let down by this product. It works great and allows unique versatility. If this is what you are after, go ahead. If not, keep searching!


John J. has been a Saw, woodworking enthusiast for 8 years, and in that time has written huge resources on woodworking and saws.

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