Most of the Hardie backer board are normally made by using Portland cement, which is most common to us. We use it for mainly for fittings in our home for kitchens, bathroom floor, most likely to the place amenable to wet.   

Considering the variations of size and shape of the room, you may need to cut into different pieces from a board. It is not so tough to provide a clean and smooth cut on the Hardie board if you know the perfect and proven way of how to cut Hardie, board. If you know the right methods as long as proper uses of tools, it won’t take a long time to get the foolproof knowledge about how to cut Hardie backer board.

You will find below exactly what you need most right now!

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Score and Snap Method

The best way of doing any job which is DIY is a perfect method for anyone. Because the DIY method doesn’t want money which is beneficial for you. Here also this score and snap method just like a DIY method. If your workpiece is much longer than this method can be the best choice for you.

Here is a list of simple handy tools that are needed for this method.

  • Carpenter Pencil
  • Scriber or Scoring tool
  • T-square
  • A beam or square iron bar

Now, look at given below of how to cut a Hardie board for two different cuts.

Rectangular cut:

You will need to use your hand and knee to separate the piece of board that you need. A scoring or scribe tool is also needed here to cut a smooth operation.

A scoring tool is mainly made of carbide steel which people use normally for placing a layout on an object where it is hard to put any scratch.

After arranging a scribe tool you have to find a place which can’t be knaggy because the one-sided place can do harm to the cement board. Now, you can lay the cement board on the ground.

Now sit on the ground perpendicular to the length of the board. It will be better at this moment if you use a carpenter pencil, as you have to make a line on the board from where you want to break. There is a chance for a normal pencil that the line won’t be visible. Use a T-square to make the line straight. Now, make the scriber run on the line using the hardboard. It will be wise to run the scriber several times for deeper scratch.

Place the beam on the board by edging the line perfectly. Press the beam by your one leg so that the beam can’t move. Now snap the board up tightly. See! The board has broken down according to your need.      

Small angular shape cut:

You may need to cut for the different shapes like triangle, circular or any other curves. You can get this type of cut by using this score and snap method. But you have to consider also a fact that the shape has to be small otherwise you have to apply power tools.

Like the previous method, you have to apply the scribing tool to apply scratch on the board. For any shape, you must do this but obviously with much care. And remember, you should not stop scoring till the scratch places perfectly.

Next step is to use a wooden hammer. Using hammer you have to punch carefully in the center. Excessive striking is unnecessary as well as harmful for the cement board. With a fewer snap or stroke, your desired shape will be at out of the board.


Power tool method

Every operation that is difficult to do by manually is preferred to be done by using tools. And for cutting the hardie backer board you may cut the board at complex shapes or in such usual but the precise shape that can’t be done in the DIY method.

Types of Tool:

If you want to know how to cut cement board with power tools you might need to know that the types of power tool that you can use alternatively.

  • Circular saw
  • Hand Grinder
  • Jig Saw
  • Shear tool

Before demonstrating the operation, one thing that I should say that from the circular saw and hand grinder harmful silica dust reforms. But for the jigsaw and shear tool amount is negligible.  

Straight and longer section:

Here firstly deal with the circular saw. With the circular saw, carbide tipped steel blade which will cut the cement board. Now, just let the boarding pass through the saw with firm pressure. To avoid rough edge and relatively smooth cut you should use less number of teeth on the blade.

You can also choose hand grinder which carries diamond implanted cutter. You just need to lead the cutter slowly on the board and meanwhile, you will get the piece.

Jigsaw carries a special very coarse blade. It needs to be changed for maintaining the quality but fortunately, its price is quite low. Place the power machine on the board and slowly move your hand across the board. Remember it is must to avoid overheating the blade and that’s why you should move the tool comparatively in slow motion.

The last one is the dedicated shear tool which has a special cutter on its head. You can have a clean cutting by using this tool. You have to press down the upper part of the cutter with the cement board to have a perfect and clean cut. You have to run the tool by following the line and then automatically the cutting operation will be held.   

Perfect circular shape cut:

You can have a round hole on the board for perfect fittings. You can use a jigsaw to make the operation facile. You just have to use a compass and carpenter pencil to make the layout and then cut the holes around by jigsaw carefully. You can use filler to make the edge smooth.    



Therefore, these processes aren’t the only ones. But you should follow those people who have become successful doing this. And the above processes are the best ways of how to cut cement board. It won’t be a wise to use the power tools inside the house but if you ask for a professional on how to cut Hardie board with swift production, tools are the best available option.


John J. has been a Saw, woodworking enthusiast for 8 years, and in that time has written huge resources on woodworking and saws.

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