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What is PVA Glue and When Should You Use it?

Do you have a woodwork project pending at home? Do you know what type of adhesive to use when you kick your project off? PVA glue is what woodwork experts recommend for such a project. In this “adhesive” post I have outlined the basic facts about PVA glue that every homeowner and newbie woodworker should […]

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How to fix a pocket door

For a pocket door, you don’t need to deal with the swinging the door. And instead of hinges, pocket door relies on rollers to open or close the door. Mainly the problems that occur are related to the alignment or not closing properly. So, in this article, we have focused on those problems that happen […]

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How to Glue Felt to Wood (5 easy steps)

How to glue on wood? Is it just to emit the glue over the wood without caring any other thing and then append the felt? Obviously not! There are other steps that you have to follow if you want to learn how to glue felt to wood. There are four expert and efficient actions that […]

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