Whether you are just starting out in constructions or you want to equip your workshop with the most useful equipment, a table saw is a must. This product will help you out in your work and make things easier. Cutting and managing hardwood, plywood and such will be completed a lot faster and the outcome will definitely be better.

But since there are so many different table saws to choose from, this decision can be tiresome. We have come to the rescue, doing all the hard work for you. So you will see that we have included all the different aspects of a specific table saw in question. All gathered for you to check out and read through.

In our Bosch GTS1031 review, there is anything you might have wanted to clarify. Shed light to the darkness and find out if this product from Bosch is the perfect match for you!

Bosch GTS1031 Review 2019

Bosch GTS1031Bosch GTS1031 Specifications :

  • Weight – 452 lbs
  • Dimensions – 22.5 W x 20.0 D
  • Power Source – Corded Electric
  • Voltage – 120V
  • No load RPM – 5,000
  • Arbor Size – 5/8”
  • Motor – 15 amps
  • 10-inch & 24-tooth blade
  • Rip capacity: 7 ¾ ” left – 18 ” right

Bosch GTS1031 Overview 

Bosch is one of the most reliable manufacturers out there. This certainly adds to the prestige of this product. GTS1031 is a table saw focusing more on portability. On the bright side, this does not affect performance a great deal. In other words, we have found that the table saw response decently to most tasks with a stunning no load 5,000 RPM.

Furthermore, there are some truly cool features to consider. Its all-steel construction makes it extremely durable and resistant to damage and wearing out. We have loved special touches like the onboard storage space and the easily adjustable riving knife, to name a few.

A table saw to carry with you even with one hand, without taking too much space and with enough power to help you out a great deal. This is a superb deal, right? Let’s see some more features from the product, just so you see what we are talking about.

Special Features

First of all, we need to stress out that Bosch GTS1031 comes with a 15-amp motor. As a result, its performance never fails you. At such a portable size, we would have loved it to be a little lighter than 52 pounds – but the 100% steel construction justifies the weight and is no deal breaker. 5,000 RPM no load speed is impressive, adding to the overall quality of the table saw in review.

Maximum rip capacity reaches 18 inches, but the RPM compensates users and allows for full flexibility in cutting through wood. 120V voltage is fair enough, as you won’t be needing anything more powerful than that at your workshop or garage. Plus, bear in mind that you will be able to use the table saw outdoors, too.

On board storage space may save your life, you know! So this extra feature of Bosch GTS1031 should have placed a huge smile upon your face. Rather than having to search everywhere for bolts, nuts and screws, you can keep it all tidy and neat. And when you are looking for something, you know where to search first. The 2” dust port collector is equally practical. And whereas there is no vacuum included, you can attach the one you already use on the table saw.

Safety-wise, the riving knife rocks! It can help you out, keeping you away from harm while working. No kickback is a great thing to consider, after all! Then, all the safety measures are modular and thus easily adjustable to your needs. And you may attach the blade guard for even more stellar security. Overall, security features are more than adequate for this product.


  • Amazing portability
  • On board storage space
  • Riving knife prevents kickback
  • Reliable manufacturer (Bosch)
  • All-steel construction
  • Great no load speed 5,000 RPM


  • Stiff lever
  • Loosening may compromise alignment
  • No vacuum included
  • Not ideal for hard work duties

Things we liked about it:

Of course, there are many things that have made our heart beat faster about Bosch GTS1031 table saw. Its size is a no-brainer! We appreciate portable table saws that somehow manage to maintain high levels in performance. The specifications of the table saw witness its durability, along with its power and consistency. We were afraid of the compromises due to the size and weight. Fortunately, these fears were not backed by its performance.

Although Bosch GTS1031 is not the lightest product in the market. It is not the heaviest either. Its weight enables easy transportation. You can carry it with one or two hands, depending on your physique. But the great thing is that you can carry it! Plus, its size allows you to place it in your car to go outdoors. The same size permits you to store it neatly at your limited space.

Finally, we cannot stress enough just how marvelous those safety features are. It is a sensitive matter, safety! But the truth is that Bosch has made it easier than ever to stay safe while working. Be sure to learn the ropes, attaching and detaching the modular safety features of Bosch GTS1031. They will come in handy!

Things we didn’t like:

There are not many things that have made us frown upon Bosch GTS1031. And these things that do make us complain a little are certainly not deal breakers. Perhaps the most serious disadvantage lies in the lever. As we have seen, many people complain about its stiffness. Well, it is true that the lever could operate a lot more smoothly. However, don’t get tempted to loosen it up. If you do, the table saw will lack stability and will not be easily adjusted or aligned.

If there were a vacuum within the table saw, we would have loved it. Nevertheless, the fact that any vacuum may be attached to the saw compensates us for that. What we would have enjoyed more is a bigger rip capacity. Maybe this is a detail, but 20 inches would be so much better.

Bosch has made an effort to combine portability with quality and flexibility. It is only fair that we do not judge so harshly, when it comes to power. But as a side note, please keep in mind that hard work and highly demanding materials might not be a piece of cake for Bosch GTS1031.

Overall Impression:

Bosch never ceases to amaze us. Even when the bar is high, experts working for one of the most famous and best established manufacturers in the world work wonders. This is what has happened in the case of Bosch GTS1031. Even without technical skills and know-how, users will be able to perform various projects in a blink of an eye. Easy to use, versatile and sturdy.

This table saw can be carried around literally everywhere, as it does not weigh much (we would have hoped Bosch made it lighter, though!) and it does not take up a lot of space. It is precious to find a portable table saw, which does not embarrass you with its performance. So this is a pleasant surprise for us. And more than that, there are many special features that allow comfort, too.

When it comes to safety, no second guessing is fit. Instead, Bosch has outdone itself. Never will you feel exposed to dangers and occupational hazards. Everything has been taken care of. So there are things like anti-kick feature, riving knife and guard blade that facilitate your work. And they do that, without requiring any hard effort on your behalf.

All in all, Bosch GTS1031 is a stunning portable table saw that does a lot more than what originally intended. It combines the ease of use and practical character of compactness, along with the power and reliability of steel and supreme design. A match made in heaven!

Bottom Line:

Now that we have completed our Bosch GTS1031 review, it is time to sum it all up and reach our conclusions. As you may have guessed, we give this table saw a thumbs up! It is really compact and portable, meaning that you will have no difficulty whatsoever in carrying it around. And still, it is powerful enough to take on any challenge.

It comes with a plethora of quality features and impressive specifications. But it is no surprise, since Bosch is a well reputed manufacturer for a reason. Safety has been top priority for Bosch and it shows. Small details and fundamental features both add to the safety enhancement of this product. All that is so easy to implement while working, which is great.

Of course, there are minor glitches that may put somebody off from purchasing Bosch GTS1031. The stiff lever and the somehow heavy structure (52 pounds, but all-steel is no dilemma to us) are the main complaints. But other than those, there really is nothing else to talk about.

Bosch GTS1031 is a modern and practical piece of equipment, ideal for those who are either starting out or have high expectations about working on various wood-related projects. Not heavy work projects, but everything else is 100% covered!

We hope that we have made it easier for you to conclude as to whether or not this table saw deserves a place in your working environment. Good luck and happy work, everybody!


John J. has been a Saw, woodworking enthusiast for 8 years, and in that time has written huge resources on woodworking and saws.

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