BLACK and DECKER LPP120 Pole Saw Review in 2022 – Unbiased Reviews!

If you want to purchase a new pole saw and add to your plethora of gardening equipment, it is highly recommended buy a cordless pole saw. With a cordless pole saw, you can keep working without being hindered or limited to the availability of an electric socket. Another advantage is that a cordless pole saw requires little or no maintenance.

BLACK and DECKER LPP120 Pole Saw

BLACK and DECKER LPP120 Pole Saw Review in 2022 – Unbiased Reviews!

Electric poles saw are also very good and there are some limitations to the use of a cordless pole saw. They possess less power capacity compared to their electric or gas counterparts. However, they still perform their job functions admirably. Another drawback is that cordless pole saws can only work for a limited amount of time. This limitation can be mitigated by buying spare batteries if you think the battery capacity is too low to prune a particular tree. If you want to purchase a pole saw that is not expensive, easy to maneuver, reliable and safe, the best choice is usually is the cordless pole saw.

Black and Decker is a popular and trusted brand in the gardening industry. Despite the fact that they have encountered some challenges in the last few years, they still maintain their burgeoning reputation among customers. This is because they pay a lot of attention to details and the quality of their build is quite impressive.

Black and Decker LPP120 Review

The Black and Decker LPP120 boast an excellent motor that gives out about 100 cuts per one charge. 100 cuts equate to about 1 and a half inch pine. This may look like a lot but you have to understand that the pines in question are the 1-inch branch and not the conventional 4 x 4 pine wood which is usually used as a measurement standard.

One of the best merits of this machine is its lightweight, especially when compared to other models with the same characteristics. If you are bothered about exhaustion and tiredness, you can be assured that this brand would not strain your body. When you are exhausted, the machine must have run out of battery. The Black and Decker LPP120 is the best cordless pole chainsaw you can get in the market. Its combination of safety, lightweight and optimal power is perfect for an everyday home user.

  • BLACK+DECKER electric lawn and garden equipment including electric pole saw releases zero emissions in your yard, helping to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • 20V Max Lithium Ion battery of the electric pole saw has a long lifespan and retains its charge 5 times more than similar NICD batteries while idle …

The Black and Decker boast some amazing features which are highlighted below:

  • It has an 8-inch cutting chain and bar which can be used for a cutting diameter of about 6 inches
  • Its design is lightweight and makes it easy to be used
  • It comes with Lithium-ion Battery that can be used for about 100 cuts of 1.5-inch pine branches.
  • This machine reduces your carbon footprint by ensuring that zero emissions are released in your compound.
  • The Lithium-ion battery retains its charge 5 times more than similar batteries and can be used for a longer amount of time.
  • This machine can be easy disassembled thus aiding transportation and storage.
  • It comes with a replacement chain
  • It has an in-line power head that aids visibility and maneuverability between branches.

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Cordless pole saws are known to have a lesser power output than the gas and electrical variants. However, this 20-volt brand is more powerful than the 18-volt variants. It has an 8-inch cutting bar that can be used for cutting branches of about 6 inches in diameter without any inhibition. It can also be used to cut 7 to 8 inches branches seamlessly.

Most users of this brand are of the opinion that this machine has optimum power and functions seamlessly. This pole saw isn’t designed to be used for extremely thick pruning. But it can deal with the 6 to 8 inches limb well. Despite the fact that it doesn’t have enough power like the gas or electric variants, its lightweight and easy mobility makes it perfect for every homeowner.

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The design of this brand is quite admirable. The most essential thing to note about it is that its weight is equally distributed. All its weight is not distributed at either of its ends. The battery is also excellent as it is a one-for-all type. This infers that this particular battery can be used many other brands manufactured by the same organization.

For instance, a blower manufactured by Black and Decker can use a battery from this pole saw and vice-versa. This characteristic is excellent for homeowners that intend reducing downtime to the barest lowest limit. They can always use a spare battery instead of waiting for their device to get fully charged, thus reducing downtime.

The pole is also cool. It is light, reliable and sturdy. It can be elongated by an extra 10 feet thus giving it a total of about 15 feet with respect to your height. The battery doesn’t exert any pressure on the user’s muscles because it is located at the base of the pole thus reducing the possibility of fatigue.

Ease of Use

The Black and Decker LPP120 weighs about 6.3 pounds and is one of the lightest saws in the market. This makes it a perfect option for people who might have difficulty operating a gas or electric variant which weighs as much as 11 to 16 pounds.

This 20V model of pole saw is even lighter by about 2 pounds compared to other cordless saws. Its handling is quite easy. Vibration and noise are at the barest minimum and the light weight makes it simple to manoeuver.

BLACK and DECKER LPP120 Pole Saw

Reliability and Maintenance

This machine is quite reliable for long term usage. There have been very few reports of a motor breakdown. It utilizes Lithium-ion batteries and this implies that the batteries should be charged up as soon as they get drained. If they are not charged immediately, they stand a risk of failing to maintain charge. As for the battery life, the battery is efficient enough and can give up to an hour of continuous cutting time.

The maintenance of this pole saw is quite easy. Similar to other conventional pole saws, they should be cleaned immediately after usage. The chains should also be monitored for wear and damage. One minor limitation with this machine is that it lacks an automatic oiler which helps to pump oil to the chain.

However, it has a little oil container which is used to annually lubricate the chain. You would have to buy a sort of applicator to apply the oil to the chain before the commencement of any task.

Maximum Extension

The Black and Decker LPP120 boast a full extension of 10 feet. This is the longest reach you can get with any cordless pole saw. It also comes with a detachable centre pole unit that can lessen the length to about 6.5 feet to make handling easier if the length is too much. At its maximum length, you can cut braches as long as 14 feet.

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The Black and Decker LPP120 is quite safe for use. Most people are of the opinion that a machine that makes use of battery can’t really cause any harm.

This is not true as a lot of operators get injured as a result of ignorance and negligence. Users should ensure that they read the user manual and adhere to all instructions to keep themselves safe.

Users that have a previous experience with pole saws should never ignore the user manual either.

Package Contents

A newly packaged LPP120 machine comes with a lubrication oil container and a user manual. Also, Black and Decker offer everyone a storage bag. This bag is quite exceptional as it offers enough space for the machine alongside all its accessories. Also included is a 20V battery with its charger.

A major merit of this Black and Decker machine is the fact that its 20V battery is compatible with many other Black and Decker machines for example, the hedge trimmer, the string trimmer, the leaf blower amongst others.

However, you will need to buy some chain and bar lubricant before using the machine. Apart from that, every other thing is provided at purchase.


The price of most cordless pole saws range from $100 to $150 which is quite affordable. This Black and Decker LPP120 cordless saw costs about $140. This looks like an exceptional bargain as a result of the extra capacity of its 20V battery, the storage bag and the long extension.


This machine makes use of a relatively light 20V battery which can be used with other tools from the same brand. This means you automatically have spare batteries if you own other machines from this brand. Black and Decker LPP120 has a running capacity of about 30 minutes when used consistently.

It gives about 60 minutes of usage when used non-continually. In other words, one battery can be used to cut about 60 small branches. It takes a while to recharge so you would need to purchase a spare battery if you are going to do a lot of work.
BLACK and DECKER LPP120 Pole Saw Review


This machine comes with a 24-month warranty from the manufacturer which is valid for manufacturer and parts defect.

Reach and Handling

The reach of the LPP120 is another impressive feature. Similar to other cordless pole saws, this pole saw is easy to operate, light and quiet. There is no limitation of cord experienced by users of electric pole saws and mixing of fuel as in gas variants.

It is quite seamless to assemble and the user instruction is quite lucid. You can decide to use either two or three parts of the pole to obtain the desired length which is 6.5 feet or 10 feet.

By adding more length, you can get as much as 14 feet above the ground level. If you choose not to add any extra length, you would notice that the pole saw is comfy and easier to handle, unlike the longer version which is more complicated.

This difficulty is as a result of the weight shifting farther from the user and a slight bend of the pole.

Replacement Parts

There is no scarcity of replacement parts for cordless pole saws. Though, the only part that would really need replacement is the 8 inches chain which isn’t scarce.

Pole Saw in Action

Frequently asked questions

Q. How should the battery be maintained to ensure it lasts for long?

A. The batteries should always be stored inside your home at room temperature. They should never be exposed to moisture and sunlight. The batteries should also be recharged as soon as they get discharged. According to the user manual, the battery can be left in the charger once fully charged, though we recommend against doing such.

Q. What is included in a new package?

A. A newly packaged LPP120 machine comes with a lubrication oil container, 1 battery, the pole chainsaw, a wrench to tighten chain, blade guard, charger and a user manual.

Q. What maintenance protocol do I need to follow?

A. All maintenance protocols are clearly stated in the user manual. The chain tension needs to be properly adjusted and this needs to be done frequently when using the machine for the first time. The chain also has to be well lubricated before each use of after replacing the battery. The motor doesn’t require any major maintenance as it is enclosed.


  • It is easy to use and lightweight; these are the two major selling points of this brand. It doesn’t need the attention of a professional as any novice can use it efficiently.
  • The price to quality ratio is exceptional. This machine is manufactured by a well-known brand which isn’t known to disappoint.
  • Its battery can be utilized by other Black and Decker devices
  • It has a long reach.


  • Its battery is fair enough but there are better batteries on the market. This machine can’t be used for heavy-duty tasks as the battery can’t exceed an hour.
  • The process of tensioning the chain can be difficult for first-time users. It is not as easy as obtainable in other models.
  • The chain and bar must be regularly lubricated
  • The battery takes a lot of time to get fully charged.


This chainsaw isn’t one that can be used for large-scale pruning. However, it is the perfect machine for homeowners that don’t use a chainsaw every time. It is a valuable tool for getting rid of high branches or cleaning up your garden after a huge storm. Though, it can’t do more than trimming or cutting of thin branches.

The price is perfect and compared to other models, you are getting a bargain. You get value for your purchase if you use the machine as instructed in the user manual. For us, this is the best cordless pole saw out there.

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