Best Tool Belts – Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

Top 10 Tool Belts

Let’s start the hunt for a great framer’s, carpenter’s, weekend warrior’s, or electrician leather tool pouch for you. Be sure to check out our top and budget picks for what we consider to be the cream of the crop. Our other eight picks are all worth a glance too, so be sure to check out everything. Let’s get to work!

1. Gatorback B145 Tool Belt

Gatorback B145 Tool Belt

Best Tool Belts - Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

Our top pick for the best tool belt in our guide is the Gatorback B145 Carpenters Tool Belt. It comes with an air channel design that allows the user to have a cools and comfortable experience. These belts are breathable and easy to wear, with a foam back that maximizes comfort. The stress points on this pouch are riveted and bar tacked, meaning this belt is durable and ready to be used for a long time. Gatortek belts are made of 1250 Duratek nylon, which makes the pockets rugged without being very heavy. The boxes on the pockets are made with an interior plastic lining that ensures they won’t sag after heavy wear. This belt comes with a few pockets- the carpenter’s tool pouch, a hammer loop, an 8” deep single pouch, and a 7 pocket fastener tool pouch with wide and easy to access pockets. This belt comes in a variety of sizes so it’s sure to be the perfect fit for every user.

  • WARRANTY: Every product sold by Gatorback is backed by a one year defect free warranty! If there is a problem with the bags such as a rivet or stitching, contact us, we will replace the defective piece on your belt free of charge! The product must be purchased from us to be protected under our warranty …

2. CLC Leathercraft Belt

CLC Leathercraft Belt

Best Tool Belts - Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

Our budget pick is one of the best leather tool pouches for carpenters out there. This is a great choice for anyone who just wants to be able to hold a few things, like nails or tacks for one the fly work. It can come in many different configurations, depending on your needs. It comes in 1 pocket, 3 pocket, 8 pocket, and 10 pocket configurations. This pouch is made of heavy duty suede leather, so it’s sure to last you a long time. The three pocket configuration comes with two main nail and tool pockets and one smaller pocket for pliers, pencils, and nail sets. It can come with or without a belt. The belt is a 2” poly web belt complete with a quick release buckle for convenience. This configuration also comes with a leather side loop for a hammer or combination square holder. It also comes with a clop for a tape measure.

  • DURABLE TOOL BAG: This tool bag is made with heavy duty suede leather for added durability.
  • 3 POCKETS: This tool bag features two main nail and tool pockets, one smaller pocket fits pliers, pencils, nail sets, etc.
  • DURABLE TOOL BELT: 2" poly web tool belt with quick release buckle
  • HAMMER LOOP: This heavy duty tool bag and belt has a leather side loop for hammer or combination square holder and clip for a tape measure …

3. Original Pink Box Tool Belt

Original Pink Box Tool Belt

Best Tool Belts - Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

For anyone who wants to make a statement, this bright pink belt is a great choice. Even the belt is equipped with bright pink grommets for easy adjusting to fit every handyman or handywoman. The two main pockets contain ten smaller pockets. This belt also comes with a hammer loop for quick and easy storage while you’re working. If you’re looking for matching tool belt accessories, this company is a great pick. They make a full line of durable pick tool storage solutions. They also make a 12” Wide mouth bag, a Bucket Caddy, a 16” Wide mouth bag, a Tool Belt Bundle, and a 19” Hang up bag. This bag helps you keep your hands free while you focus on the important things- getting stuff built. This is a great bag for anyone looking for something durable and stylish. For everything from tool belts to bags, if you’re looking to stand out with your tool storage, think pink!

  • Durable polyester canvas is lightweight and strong
  • 2 Pouches
  • Fits waists from 27” to 44”
  • You’ll always know which belt is yours with the unique pink coloring

4. Task Tools Apron

Task Tools Apron

Best Tool Belts - Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

This is a great choice for anyone looking for leather tool belts for carpenters. This weekend warrior apron is a great choice to help you tackle any project that might come your way. It is made of durable split leather, so you can be sure it’ll last through all of the tasks you have to conquer. It comes with a two-inch wide polymer belt, which comes equipped with a quick release belt. This makes it incredibly easy to put on and take off. This belt also comes with one semi-rigid harness leather hammer holder and one rust resistant nickel plated hammer holder. This makes it a great choice for anyone who needs durability and functionality in their tool belt. It is light and easy to carry, at around 1.2 pounds. This makes it a quick and easy belt to snap on and off for long or short-term projects.

  • Weekend warrior work apron
  • Features 5 various-sized pockets and 2 hammer holders
  • 2-Inch-wide polymer belt with quick release buckle
  • Made of durable split leather

5. DEWALT DG5103 Tool Pouch

DEWALT DG5103 Tool Pouch

Best Tool Belts - Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

In the running for best electrician tool pouch is this amazing DEWALT DG5103. This is a great choice for anyone who needs a functional and durable tool pouch. It keeps all of your tools close at hand while keeping the contractor in mind. It includes a strap for easy access to things like electric tape. It also comes with a carabiner key holder, so you’ll never have to overload your pockets with those. It is easy to attach this pouch to your belt or jeans. It features a clip which can be attached to a belt up to 2 ¾ inches wide. The trapezoid shape of the belt keeps it from moving as you walk around, climb ladders, or work on projects. This is a great size for active contractors. It is 6.5” x 9” x 5.5”. It comes with many different pouches within its one pocket, making it a perfect option for lots of smaller tools like wrenches, pliers, and electrical tape.

  • CONVENIENT ACCESS: This tool pouch contatins a large main pocket and smaller front pocket for parts and tools.
  • MULTIPLE STORAGE OPTIONS: Web loops and sleeve pockets on this tool pouch allow you to carry a variety of tools and parts.
  • DURABLE TOOL POUCH: This rable tool pouch is made with ballistic poly fabric and reinforced edges for extended use and wear …

6. Dickies Work Gear Apron

Dickies Work Gear Apron

Best Tool Belts - Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

This is a great drywall tool belt for any application. It is a great choice for anyone looking for something simple, easy to use, and cost-effective. This side apron comes with 5 pockets, allowing the user to keep tools easily within reach. The belt is adjustable so that it can easily fit any waist size. This apron comes with two main large pockets, one webbing tool loop, one plier-type pocket, and two smaller tool loop type pockets, This makes it a great choice for anyone looking to conquer lots of different types of tasks with one easy to use canvas pouch. This canvas pouch also comes in three different colors- in case you want something a little different for your pooch. It comes in white, black, and brown. This belt is made of woven canvas material for durability and comes with a high impact plastic buckle. It also comes with reinforced pockets and loops.

  • CONVENIENT - 5-pocket tool pouch allows you to keep your tools within reach at all times
  • DURABLE CANVAS - Constructed of heavy-duty canvas with webbing-reinforced pockets
  • STORAGE OPTIONS - 2 large main pockets, 1 screwdriver-sized webbing tool loop, 1 plier-type pocket and 2 smaller tool loop-type pockets …

7. CLC Framers Tool Belt

CLC Framers Tool Belt

Best Tool Belts - Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

In the running for best framing tool belt is this 5 piece framers comfort lift combo by CLC. With an astounding 20 pockets, this belt can really hold everything you need for an intense day of work. This thoughtfully designed belt comes with six large pockets, 13 additional sleeves and pockets, two hammer holders, and a measuring tape clip. This belt also comes with sleeves for a pry bar, carpenter’s square, and combination square. This belt is made polyester with open pocket design and webbing reinforcing the pockets and pouches. This belt comes with antique brass-finish hardware and rivets to give it a durable look and feel. It includes adjustable suspenders for distributing weight evenly and effectively. It is built for comfort and stability and allows you to get your work done effectively without searching or going back for your tools. This belt can fit waist sizes from 29-46 inches, so it is a good choice for most users.

  • 3" PADDED BELT: Single roller buckle.
  • KEEPS CONTENTS SAFE: Easy carry handle design for simple adjustments and easy storage without spilling contents.
  • EASY ACCESS: Stay-Open main pockets are tapered for faster access to contents
  • COMFORTABLE: Completely adjustable suspenders engineered to hold and distribute weight evenly without strain on lower back and hips …

8. Occidental Electrician Tool Belt

Occidental Electrician Tool Belt

Best Tool Belts - Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

If you’ve been waiting for the Occidental electrician tool belt to pop up on our guide, here it is! This legendary belt is constructed of high-quality leather and has been a favorite of contractors for years. This Occidental leather electrician tool belt is a great choice for anyone looking for a durable and reliable electrician’s belt. This belt comes with hand-specific tool holders, which can be easily switched for people who are right or left handed. This system promotes a quicker and easier working rhythm, These functions are engineered for the modern electrician, making their jobs easier and faster. This belt comes with a no-spill tool holder system, which makes it easier to climb ladders and get in tight spaces confidently. No more worrying about your tools slipping out of your belt. This is a great choice for anyone looking for an incredibly durable and powerful tool belt that is sure to last you for years and years, not to mention countless projects and jobs.

  • Hand-Specific Tool Holders Promote Maximum Working Rhythm on the Job
  • Function Engineered for the Modern Electrician
  • No Spill Tool Holder System
  • Made in USA

9. Task Tools T77265 Apron

Task Tools T77265 Apron

Best Tool Belts - Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

This is a great pick for anyone looking for a great tool belt, leather makes a great material for durable belts. This carpenter’s apron comes with reversed rounded corner pockets, which are great for anyone looking for incredibly durable pockets. This belt features twelve various sized pockets and two hammer holders, so you’ll never be missing a tool. The belt itself is made of heavy duty saddle leather and comes with a two-inch wide belt. This belt is fairly lightweight for a carpenter’s belt- at 2.8 pounds. It comes complete with a comfortable roller buckle. This buckle also makes it more comfortable for the wearer. This buckle also comes with two rust resistant nickel plated hammer holders, to ensure you’re never without a necessary tool for any job. It is made of durable oil-tanned split leather, which makes it a great choice for anyone looking to invest in a long-term tool belt.

  • Carpenter's apron with reversed, rounded corner pockets
  • Features 12 various-sized pockets and 2 hammer holders
  • 2-Inch-wide heavy-duty saddle leather belt
  • Made of durable oil-tanned split leather

10. Bucket Boss 55135 Rig

Bucket Boss 55135 Rig

Best Tool Belts - Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

This is a great choice for anyone looking for a great framing tool belt. This belt is made of 20% poly, 10% ferric, 15% pp, 45% PVC, and 10% EPE foam. This makes it a durable belt. It comes with suspenders for maximum comfort during elongated periods of use. It is made of heavy duty 1680d 2-ply poly material, which looks good and is durable. The suspenders stretch for comfort and maximum load distribution across your body. It comes with a speed square pocket. It also comes with a steel belt buckle which makes it easy to get on and take off. This also allows you to feel secure while wearing it, knowing that it will not fall off easily. This belt fits waists of up to 52”, making it a great choice for most users. The pockets are adjustable as well, making it a great choice for people with a variety of different tools. The pockets are double reinforced for maximum load bearing capabilities.

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How to Choose the Best Tool Belts

If you’re looking for the best tool belts on the market, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve assembled a handy guide full of the best electrician tool belt, framers tool belt, and all kinds of weekend warrior belts. These belts are sure to stand up to any kind of project or job you need to get done. Here are some things you should look for when choosing the right belt for you.


Many belts come with lots of different pockets like tool bags, with everything from large pouches to very small plier slips. Be sure to check out this number to see how many pockets your belt comes equipped with.


Belts can come in lots of different materials and sizes, from canvas to leather, electrician tool belt can be well executed in many different materials. If you’re particular, be sure to check this icon.

Waist Size

You want to know that your tool belt fits, so make sure your belt comes in your size. Some belts come specifically made for certain sizes and some come with adjustable belts that allow you or others to wear it.
Tool Belts


Handles can be great tools for holding things like hammers and other tools with long handles. Be sure to check this icon to see how many handles your tool belt comes equipped with.


You don’t want your tool belt to add much to the extra weight of all those tools you’ll be carrying. Be sure to check this metric to see how much your belt weighs and decide if the weight is right for you.


Some belts come with warranties that allow you to return or get your belt fixed if anything goes wrong. Warranties differ greatly by manufacturer so be sure to check out the warranty in detail before making a decision based on this.