Best Tool Bags – Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

Top 10 Tool Bags

We’ve selected ten of the best of the best that we could find, but the first two listed are special. The first will be our Top Pick of all of the bags we could find. The second will be our Budget Pick, which is our favorite bag for an inexpensive price. If you’re in a hurry, be sure to check those two out at least! Now, let’s get to the best tool bag reviews!

1. Custom LeatherCraft 50-Pocket Bag

Custom LeatherCraft 50-Pocket Bag

Best Tool Bags - Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

Looking for something that will support even large hand tools? Then check out the Custom LeatherCraft 50-Pocket Bag! This amazing bag will hold just about anything you want it to. It has 50 pockets, each ready for your hammers, your hand-held power tools, nails, levels, or whatever else you are carrying. With all of those pockets, your tools can stay organized. And an organized tool bag means you’re less likely to hurt yourself while reaching into it for something. The side pockets on the outside have zippers too, to keep your stuff from falling out. The bag weighs about 5 pounds and has adjustable shoulder straps to help you carry everything. In our opinion, this is the best tool bags for carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and more that we’ve ever seen. And all of that is wrapped up in a convenient, hearty bag made from durable polyester. No wonder it’s a Top Pick!

  • STAY ORGANIZED: This tool bag from CLC features 50 pockets to organize all of your tools and accessories.
  • SUPPORTS LARGE HAND TOOLS: This tool bag has a large center compartment to carry multiple power tools and accessories and separate outside compartments.
  • SPILL PROOF TOOL BAG: Zippered side panels on this heavy duty tool bag prevent spillage of tools when carrying or storing bag …

2. Stanley Tool Bag

Stanley Tool Bag

Best Tool Bags - Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

Want to know our two favorite words? They are “Lifetime” and “Warranty!” And what do you know, the Stanley Tool Bag has it! Stanley is known for their quality products with great warranties, so we weren’t surprised when we fell in love with this bag. The adjustable straps make carrying it a breeze. It weighs almost nothing, meaning you’re not carrying around a bunch of extra weight with your tools. The handles and straps are also padded for comfort. And the Stanley Tool Bag has 9 pockets for you to store all of your important tools and bits in. This is one of the best tool bags around for any number of jobs; it’s one of the best tool bags for HVAC, plumbing, and other service professionals we’ve ever seen. Not only that, but this bag features a rubber foam bottom that keeps the bag sturdy.

  • Tool tote bag is made of durable 600 x 600 denier polyester fabric that is hardwearing, strong and durable
  • The tool storage bag has multiple internal and external pockets for organization.
  • The soft tool bag has a covered front pocket for secure storage of small parts

3. Custom Leathercraft Carpenter’s Bag

Custom Leathercraft Carpenter’s Bag

Best Tool Bags - Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

Want something for your belt? The Custom Leathercraft Carpenter’s Bag may be a carpenter’s bag, but it’s also great for just about anyone else. This bag attaches right to your belt (sort of like a tool belt, but bigger and detachable). It’s the perfect carpenter, handyman, or hvac tool bag. With its ten pockets (4 large and 6 small) on the outside and one big pocket on the inside and tool hangers on the outside, this tiny bag can hold almost anything you need without weighing you down. And the synthetic leather design is sturdy, attractive, and long-lasting. So if your job or your weekend projects call for some hands-free tool holding, grab the Custom Leathercraft Carpenter’s Bag. We’re pretty sure you’ll like it as much as we do!

  • EASY ACCESS TO TOOLS: This CLC nail and tool bag features double gussets to keep front pockets wide open.
  • 10 POCKET TOOL BAG: This Custom Leathercraft tool bag has 2 large capacity main nail/tool pockets, 2 additional upper pockets, and 6 smaller pockets fit nail sets, pencils, pliers, etc.
  • DURABLE NAIL AND TOOL BAG: This CLC tool bag is made with reversed top grain leather for added durability …

4. Carhartt Tool Bag

Carhartt Tool Bag

Best Tool Bags - Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

If you like handyman bags, the Carhartt Tool Bag is a great choice. This is one of the best tool bags for plumbers around. Why? Is it the lifetime warranty? Well, that’s a big part of why we love this bag so much, but there’s a lot more to it than that. There is also the plethora of pockets; this bag has almost 30 pockets located all over and inside of the bag. It’s made from durable, synthetic materials. The triple-needle-stitched seams help to keep all of your tools inside the bag where they belong. Not to mention the heavy-duty zippers and handles. This bag is as tough as nails. And the bag is also waterproof to keep everything inside your bag safe and clean. Hard to get much better than this!

  • Durable tool bag with large, zippered main compartment, 17 exterior pockets and 10 interior pockets
  • Internal metal frame allows for easy access and prevents the bag from collapsing on itself
  • Triple needle-stitch construction, rugged haul handles, YKK zippers, metal hardware, abrasion-resistant base
  • Made of sturdy synthetic fabric with Rain Defender durable water repellent …

5. Hilmor HVAC/R Tote

Hilmor HVAC/R Tote

Best Tool Bags - Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

Evaluated for up to 50 pounds, the Hilmor HVAC/R Tote is a tool bag devoted to HVAC professionals. As HVAC tool bags should, this tool bag has a safe place to stow your meter in the padded interior. You also get 27 pockets and 18 elastic bands to hold everything else you need in your bag. It has a water-resistant bottom and rivets that are reinforced. WIth the Hilmor HVAC/R Tote, you also get a padded shoulder strap; it’s even adjustable! The polyester cloth is heavy-duty and resists wear and tear. The bag only weighs about 2.3 pounds, so it doesn’t add a bunch of weight to your already burdened shoulders. But that isn’t even the best part! This bag is actually really cool looking, too!

  • EXCELLENT TOOL CARRIER/STORAGE: Bag designed with 27 pockets (13 interior, 14 exterior), 18 elastic bands, and clips so you can safely store your tools and find them quickly. Additional padding on inside pocket for added protection
  • DURABLE: Water resistant material ensures bag can be placed on any surface without risk of damaging equipment. Built to last with reinforced rivets …

6. Craftsman Tool Box

Craftsman Tool Box

Best Tool Bags - Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

Craftsman is one of the most recognizable names in tools. So we knew we’d have to look into their tool bags for this list. We weren’t disappointed, either! The Craftsman Tool Box is a soft tool box with reinforced corners and stitches that make for one tough tool bag. The bag has a wide mouth, opening up with enough room to pull out tools without having to empty the whole bag. The Mesh side pockets and regular pockets hold smaller objects while the single, massive interior pocket holds all of your bigger stuff. And not to mention the price! This is a very inexpensive bag. In the case of the Craftsman Tool Box, you get a lot more than you pay for! Like all Craftsman products, this one has a warranty. It’s for 12 months, but you most likely won’t need it!

  • Wide opening design
  • Reinforced at base, all key stress points
  • 3 mesh and 3 regular exterior pockets

8. Internet’s Best Bag

Internet’s Best Bag

Best Tool Bags - Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

They couldn’t call this tool bag the Internet’s Best Bag without some kind of proof, right? This bag seems to be aptly named; it really appears to be one of the best bags we’ve ever seen! This heavy-duty bag has a boatload of pockets. The outside of the bag is littered with them, sized to fit just about everything in the world you’ll need to carry for small fixes. The interior is one, big, wide-mouthed pocket that can fit nearly anything you need. The sturdy base is made of hard plastics that will protect your tools and protect them from water. The handles and shoulder straps are padded and comfortable so you can carry all of your heavy tools a longer distance. All this and it only weighs about 3.54 pounds!

  • HEAVY DUTY: Made from durable 600d fabric, the soft sided tool bag can endure hard wear and tear. Equipped with a waterproof, sturdy rigid base
  • WIDE MOUTH: The tool bag is equipped with a wide mouth top allowing easy access for larger tools. Tool bag closes securely with zipper top
  • MULTI-POCKET & OPEN MAIN COMPARTMENT: Equipped with 16 pockets and an open interior, the tool bag is perfect for power tools, medium hand tools and other smaller construction items …

8. G & F Heavy Duty Bag

G & F Heavy Duty Bag

Best Tool Bags - Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

Want a bag that is made from something a little more natural? The G & F Heavy Duty Bag is made from heavy-duty cotton that helps to keep all of your tools in place. This bag is built with durability in mind; not only is the cotton durable, but the brass zipper is nearly unbreakable. The seams are stronger than you would believe. The bottom is also reinforced to help keep everything in place and keep the bottom from wearing out when set down on rough surfaces. While it doesn’t have a lot of pockets, it does have a bunch of space for your stuff. And the best part is how cool the bag looks! It has a hand-dyed kind of look that makes it look both fashionable and rustic.

  • Made of heavy duty 100% cotton canvas, heavy duty brass zipper and reinforced double bottom panels for long lasting value
  • Separated inside pockets for organizing small Parts and hand tools
  • Designed for home owners, plumbers, electricians, maintenance Personnel, paint and general contractors
  • Heavy duty brass zipper …

9. DEWALT Tool Bag


Best Tool Bags - Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

And another great brand name behind another great tool bag! We love this tool bag for its multitudes of pockets. It has 13 interior pockets and 20 exterior pockets that can stow just about everything you need for whatever you’re fixing next. This awesome bag has adjustable shoulder straps for easy carrying and comfort. The wide mouth and quick, pop-open design makes accessing everything inside of the bag as easy as pie. The polyester fabric is super strong and durable, keeping everything safe and secure. It even comes in two sizes! There is a big 16-inch and the smaller 12-inch. And both of them have built-in base pads to keep your stuff off of the ground and protected. All for a great price that includes a one-year warranty.

  • EASY TOOL ACCESS: This tool bag features a pop-open design and large interior compartment to allow for easy access to tools and parts.
  • DURABLE TOOL BAG: This tool bag is heavy-duty poly fabric construction to stand up to any job.
  • 33 POCKET TOOL BAG: With 33 pockets in this heavy duty tool bag, this tool bag allows for hundreds of organization options, and includes one flap-covered pocket with hook & loop closure …

10. Bastex Multi Purpose Tool Bag


  • Exterior Pockets: 8
  • Interior Pockets: 6
  • Fabric: Nylon
  • Adjustable Straps: Yes
  • Dimensions: 13 x 7 x 8″
  • Warranty: 1 year

Want a budget tool back that awesome for any handyman? The Bastex Multi Purpose Tool Bag is one of the best tool bags for plumbers and other handymen we’ve ever come across. It’s inexpensive, which means it’s great for even the amateur fixer upper. The bag is made from incredibly tough and durable nylon, and it is built to last. It’s also waterproof and easy to clean. It has 8 pockets on the outside and 6 pockets on the inside, giving you some organization for all of the tools you carry around. The adjustable straps allow you to carry it on your shoulders. And all of this is covered under an awesome, 1-year warranty. So if you’re looking for a heavy duty bag that can hold all of your stuff without spending an arm and leg, the Bastex Multi Purpose Tool Bag is a great choice!

Find More Tool Bags in 2022

How to Choose Your Tool Bags

Looking for a great tool bag to keep your stuff including safety glasses organized? Well, look no further! We’ve been dying for the best tool bag too, and so we decided to do a little homework. We researched and reviewed as many great bags as we could find, we did the same job with tool chests, digging up all of the best-reviewed and highest-rated bags. After a rigorous selection process, we bring you our Top Ten Best Tool Bags! Here are some of the features we looked for when shopping around.

Exterior Pockets

Whether you want loads of exterior pockets for easy access or few exterior pockets to keep your tools protected, we have some of each. You can pick what you want!

Interior Pockets

How many interior pockets do you need? Maybe you like to have one for each of your tools, or maybe just one big one. Depends on how you like to organize your stuff!
Best Tool Bags


What is the tool bags made from? Whether it’s leather, polyester, or something else, you need a durable fabric that will hold and protect your tools. We’ll mark down what it’s made of.

Adjustable Straps

Need carrying straps to put the weight on your shoulders? Each bag has been marked whether it has carrying straps and whether or not those straps are adjustable.


How big is the bag? Make sure that your favorite new tool bag is big enough to handle all of your tools and things. We’ll measure these stats in inches, length x width x height.


Manufacturers sometimes offer a warranty to protect you from getting a defective product. These usually cover manufacturing defects and poor construction. Measured in years.