Best Pro Chainsaws – Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

Top 10 Pro Chainsaws

Let’s get searching for your perfect chainsaw. The top and budget picks are among our favorites in our buying guides, but be sure to review all of the chainsaws on this list so you can make the most educated decision about which chainsaw is right for you. Whether you’re looking for the best 20 inch chainsaw, the best commercial chainsaw, or just a chainsaw to handle some backyard tasks, you’ve come to the right place.

1. Husqvarna 460 Rancher Chainsaw

Husqvarna 460 Rancher Chainsaw

Best Pro Chainsaws - Expert Reviews & Buying Guide


This chainsaw is a true powerhouse, compare to the previous model, built for taking on all of your projects with ease. In our opinion, it’s one of the best Husqvarna chainsaw around. It’s two cycle engine gives you the power to take on everything around your backyard, or even on your professional projects. The 24” bar makes it easy to chop through just about anything, and means it is built for power and heavy duty projects. It starts easily and can cut through all kinds of wood. From hardwoods to softwoods, nothing is a challenge for this saw. The saw is fairly compact for the amount of power it provides, at only 13 lbs. It comes with an inertia activated chain brake, to make sure you’re not cutting anything you don’t want to. This saw also comes with LowVib features to reduce the amount of uncomfortable vibrations when cutting. It has a side mounted chain tensioner and an air purge smart start. The starting system means it starts easily and when you want it to. Read Full review.



Best Pro Chainsaws - Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

This is a great pick for anyone looking for the best value chainsaw, this Black and Decker Cordless saw may be the one for you. The fact that this saw doesn’t need a cord makes it so that you can easily maneuver around and get the job done. This chainsaw comes with a 40V battery and charger so that you can always be ready for a new project. This battery lasts for a while, but can always be supplemented with a second battery if you really want to be able to go all day. This battery comes with a state of charge indicator, which let you know how much more charge you have left. The tool-free chain tensioning makes chain adjustments easier. The automatic oiling mechanism also makes cutting easier by ensuring that your chain and bar are always oiled and ready to go. The 12” cut capacity on the bar makes it great for all kinds of users and projects. This is quite possibly the best cheap chainsaw.

  • 12-INCH CORDLESS ELECTRIC CHAINSAW - 40V MAX battery-powered chainsaw with extended runtime
  • SMOOTH, FAST CUTS - OREGON low-kickback bar and chain for easy and efficient cutting
  • TOOL-FREE CHAIN TENSIONING - Quickly and easily adjust chain tension
  • ENHANCED SAFETY FEATURES - Front hand guard and lock-off button for increased safety …

3. GreenWorks 20322 G-MAX

GreenWorks 20322 G-MAX

Best Pro Chainsaws - Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

This Greenworks chainsaw is a great choice for those looking for a great electric chainsaw. It is compatible with the rest of their G-Max 40V Li-ion system, which means if you love Greenworks and own some of their other products, you can use your battery and charger for multiple tools. No more getting confused over which battery belongs w=to which tool and where that pesky charger went anyway. The brushless motor helps to deliver an experience with less vibration for user comfort, without sacrificing on torque. This model includes a chain brake and a low kickback chain to increase user safety when cutting with this saw. The 16” bar makes it easy to conquer any task that may come your way. This saw also comes with auto oiling and a tool free chain. It also features metal bucking spikes and a .0375 chain pitch. If you’re looking for a chainsaw to add to your collection of Greenworks tools, this may be a good choice.

  • 40V 16” CHAINSAW – Perfect for homeowners that need to tackle yard projects, or storm clean-up
  • TRUBRUSHLESSTM MOTOR TECHNOLOGY – 2 x more torque. Provides more power, longer runtimes, quiet operation, and extended motor life
  • CHAIN BRAKE – for added safety and reduced risk of injury
  • AUTOMATIC OILER – delivers proper chain lubrication and increased productivity …

4. Poulan Handheld Gas Chainsaw

Poulan Handheld Gas Chainsaw

Best Pro Chainsaws - Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

This Poulan chainsaw really lives up to the text printed on it. It is truly a predator of a machine. The 18” bar is great for taking on larger projects around your house or backyard, as well as taking down firewood or other larger tasks. The 42cc 2 stroke gas engine gives it a lot of power behind each swipe. The automatic gear driven oiler makes sure that you never have to stop what you’re doing to check on how your chainsaw is oiled. It also comes with an inertia activated chain brake, which means that when you stop moving, so does the saw. It includes a bonus chain, just in case the one that comes attached to the saw experiences problems. It includes a scrench as well. This predator saw comes with a one year warranty, just in case anything goes wrong with it in the first few times you use it. It is a great choice for someone looking for the best top handle chainsaw.

  • 42cc, 2-stroke engine with 18" Bar
  • Ideal for medium-duty storm clean-up, cutting firewood, and felling trees
  • Includes: Carry Case, Extra Chain, Built-in Scrench, 2-Stroke Oil
  • Power source type: Gas Powered
  • Trouble shooting steps: Scroll down the catalog for user manual

5. Husqvarna 440E X-Torq

Husqvarna 440E X-Torq

Best Pro Chainsaws - Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

This gas powered chainsaw is great for anyone looking for the best small chainsaw. This chainsaw by Husqvarna is incredibly lightweight- at only 9.78 lbs. That doesn’t keep it from packing a big punch. With a 16” bar, it’s ready for most projects a homeowner could throw at it. It’s well-loved by professionals as well for its tool free chain, lightweight design, and a large bar. The X-Torq engine is said to consume less fuel and reduce emission levels as well. So it’s great for the environmentally conscious woodsman. It comes with a smart start switch, a fuel pump, and an auto return stop switch. This makes the saw start up faster and stop when you want it too. It handles easier with a tool-less chain tensioner, a must have for any professional level chainsaw. This saw also comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty, just in case anything goes wrong with your chainsaw. You can rest easy knowing your saw will be cared for.

6. Remington RM4216 Rebel 42cc

Remington RM4216 Rebel 42cc

Best Pro Chainsaws - Expert Reviews & Buying Guide


  • Type: Gas
  • Motor: 42
  • Bar Length: 16″
  • Auto Oiling: Yes
  • Tool Free Chain: No
  • Weight: 22 lbs

This chainsaw is a great pick for any homeowner. The gas-powered engine keeps it powerful enough to tackle big projects but it is comfortable to use. It’s 42cc 2 cycle gas engine gives it the power it needs to conquer most of your home tasks. It even comes with a handy, heavy duty carrying case for when your pesky neighbor comes over to borrow it. You can be sure it will come back to you in excellent condition if it ever comes back to you. The cushion wrapped grip on the top offers a comfortable hold for many users. Remington says that the quick-start technology built into the chainsaw makes it easier to start right from the beginning. The 16” bar and chain is sprocket tipped to help you saw through branches and wood. The automatic oiler is adjustable, so you can change how much oil is getting to your saw if you need to. This helps you improve your saw’s longevity.

7. Poulan Pro Handheld Gas Chainsaw

Poulan Pro Handheld Gas Chainsaw

Best Pro Chainsaws - Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

This chainsaw holds it’s weight with the best firewood chainsaw, with a 40cc 2 stroke motor for optimal power. The 16” bar makes it a good choice for cutting through many different types of things, making it great for any task you may encounter. It includes a scrench and 2-stroke oil. Poulan’s OxyPower technology is supposed to make this chainsaw more efficient fuel wise. It helps reduces emissions and ensure you get the most out of your tank. This lets you work for longer and conquer more tasks. The automatic oiler keeps your bar and chain lubricated throughout your work. Poulan has also included an anti-vibration system to keep you comfortable while using it. The scrench is stored onboard, allowing you to easily access this chain tensioning tool. No more losing it or wondering where it is when it comes time to use it. The sleek yellow and black design makes it fit right in with your existing tools and the woods.

  • 40cc, 2-stroke engine with 16" bar
  • Ideal for medium-duty storm clean-up, cutting firewood, and felling trees
  • Includes: Scrench, 2-stroke oil. Standard handle type
  • The apprearance of your product may vary from item shown

8. Snapper XD SXDCS82


  • Type: Electric
  • Motor: 82
  • Bar Length: 18″
  • Auto Oiling: Yes
  • Tool Free Chain: N/A
  • Weight: 15.54 lbs

Also a contender for the best chainsaw for firewood, the Snapper 82V Electric Chainsaw is a great choice for those looking for an electric chainsaw that packs an extra punch. Snapper claims that this monster of a machine can go for up to 160 cuts on a single full battery charge. Snapper even makes a rapid charger in case you can’t wait to get to the cutting. This chainsaw comes with a push button with an indicator light so you’ll always know when it’s on. Another important safety feature, it includes a blade safety lockout handle. The 18” Oregon bar and chain makes it ideal for larger projects or people who just want to make sure their chainsaw is up to any task. The metal handle comes equipped with ergonomic rubber grips and touch points. This allows you to hold the saw all day comfortably without hand fatigue. It’s fairly lightweight as well, at 15.54 lbs, so you should be comfortable carrying it around.

9. Zombi ZCS5817 Electric


  • Type: Electric
  • Motor: 58
  • Bar Length: 16″
  • Auto Oiling: Yes
  • Tool Free Chain: N/A
  • Weight: 16 lbs

Another contender for the best firewood chainsaw, this Zombi Electric Chainsaw is a great pick for someone looking for a saw that stands out from the crowd visually. Its blue lightning design is a great compliment to the hard work it’s ready to do. It also comes with a 5-year tool warranty and a 2-year battery warranty, so you know this thing is more than just a pretty face. It has a powerful brushless motor, which can make a chainsaw more durable and efficient. It comes equipped with some important safety features too. IT includes a chain brake, so you know it’s only on when you want it on. It also has a hand guard, because nobody wants their hands closer to a chainsaw than they have to be. It has auto-oiling and an oil level indicator reservoir so you’ll know when you need to refill for optimal cutting ability. This package includes the battery and the charger, so you won’t have to worry about extra fees.




  • Type: Electric
  • Motor: 0
  • Bar Length: 16″
  • Auto Oiling: Yes
  • Tool Free Chain: Yes
  • Weight: 18.45 lbs

This DeWALT Chainsaw really packs a punch. It comes complete with a powerful brushless motor and a 40V Lithium 4AH battery. The cordless design makes it easy to use this saw for any project you might be working on. It comes complete with auto oiling and a tool free chain, so you can worry about what you’re cutting rather than oiling your chainsaw. By choosing an electric chainsaw over a gas-powered one, a user can possibly eliminate some maintenance associated with gas-powered chainsaws. Electric saws can also be quieter than gas-powered ones and prevent your family or clients from complaining about the noise of your chainsaw. There’s also no need to worry about messing with a pull cord on this electric chainsaw, making it a great choice for first-time users. Or maybe just for people who can be especially clumsy, no one wants to drop a chainsaw. This certainly could be the best electric chainsaw for you.

How to choose a chainsaw

How to choose a chainsaw?

You need to start a big project and need some big power to do it. A chainsaw can help you conquer everything from cutting firewood to taking down a few stray branches in your backyard. But how do you find the best chainsaw for cutting firewood or the best chainsaw chain for hardwood? Our helpful buying guide will walk you through some of our top picks for chainsaws that get the job done.


A dividing factor for sure, some claim that gas chainsaws make for the best professional chainsaw, but new developments are constantly being made in electric chainsaws. Each can be powerful, be sure to consider which you prefer.


How powerful the motor is will play into how much you can accomplish with this chainsaw. A stronger motor will allow you to do tasks that require more power, whereas a smaller motor may be easier on your ears.

Bar Length

The bar length also plays a big role in which kind of tasks you can complete with your chainsaw. A smaller bar can be ideal for household tasks and cleaning up, but a larger bar can really pack a punch for someone looking to chop wood.

Auto Oiling

Most chainsaws include an auto-oiling feature. This makes sure that the saw and blade are constantly oiled while you are working and lets you focus on what you’re doing, rather than how much oil your chainsaw needs.

Best Other Chainsaws in 2023

Tool Free Chain

A tool free chain allows you to work more efficiently with less stoppage. It makes chain adjustments easier to execute. It means that you don’t have to carry around an extra tool to make adjustments or fiddle with the tension while working.


You’re gonna be carrying this thing around all day, so you’ll want to know how heavy it is. A lighter weight chainsaw can be easier to carry around but can sometimes come with less power, the sweet spot is somewhere in the middle.